Sineshgsm team has initiated a huge portal of mobile firmwares for the entire world,

here you may find almost all the "stock firmwares" available.

And we are just starting now and growing very fast on a day to day basis
This is the only platform where we provide firmwares at a very attractive price,

we do not intend to harm or be an excuse for loss for any company, organisation

or business. That is not our intention.

A note to the visitors of Givemerom :

  • Everyday about 100 to 500 visits are scored by our website where maximum of

           the visitors are from India, America, Bangladesh, Nepal and others.

  • Almost all the firmwares are available and we also welcome firmware requests

          and we positively believe we can provide the requested files

We will be constantly monitoring things, making fixes as issues are discovered,

and will be completing the redesign for some sections that are left out (like the forum),

in addition to fine tuning everything over the coming days to make sure our readers

continue to have the greatest experience browsing through Sineshgsm